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Montana ATV Adventures

709 N Main St Butte MT 59701 US

Montana ATV Adventures

We are sorry, we are closed for the season.



But still taking reservations for next summer! 406-491-4417


Highly recommend. We had such a good time and it is such a cool and fun way to see beautiful Montana!!

Maggie Batista

We had an excellent time with Montana ATV Adventures today. Our guide and his crew were so friendly we felt like one of the gang by the end of our 5 hour tour. It was very clear from the start that our safety, enjoyment, and comfort were th...eir top priority, and they did not disappoint. Our guide constantly scanned the area for wildlife, and while it was a quiet day, we were treated to an amazing site of a moose and her calf. They also kept us warm with delicious coffee breaks and a wonderful hot meal which made a huge difference on a cold winter day. Interesting areas were pointed out to us and we even got to explore a cave! We felt so comfortable and safe with our group and enjoyed ourselves so much that after 5 hours in 20 degree temps (we're from Arizona, so this was cold to us) we didn't want the fun to end. Thank you Montana ATV Adventures for such a memorable experience!

Jared Ross

Bang for the buck....... great people........ great time.......... well worth it!!!!! Highly recommended. We will definitely be back. Thanks again guys.

Justin Torgerson

The name fits! It is truly an adventure. Great people.

Kim Kopponen Alvar

Amazing rides!!! Wonderful people!!

Lexis Sams

*****Wonderful experience. Great to hang out with people who love offroading as much as they do in Montana. Thanks again guys.

Shawnda Oestreich

Montana ATV Adventures is so fantastic. I had no idea what to expect...was concerned that it might be lame, on a lame trail etc. So so wrong. The trail is so cool. 30 plus miles of awesomeness. So much fun. My boys, 10 and 12, loved every minute. Totally worth it.

Brett Latterell

Thanks for the fun ride Richard and Tammy! Katie and I loved it!

Megan Tyler

Our family wrapped up our vacation by taking the ATV tour. We all enjoyed the ride, and as they say, it was by all accounts "an adventure." We aren't exactly experienced riders, and they let us ride around the gravel parking area until we felt comfortable with them. When we started on the adventure, they started off pretty easy with us and gradually worked up to tougher terrain. We had a beautiful day for our ride. Richard, Tammy, Ted, and Virginia were the best. Thanks for the amazing day!

Twila Craft

Whoo had an awesome time today? this guy! Did the full day ride, Richard and Tammy go above and beyond. If I ever get back to Butte, I am doing this again!

Jason Peschau

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore Toto. Two great people, thanks again. Rich and Tammy.

James and Katherine Barker

Hey Rich and Tammy! Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had with you when we were there! It really was FUN!! We are looking forward to coming back to visit you one of these days!

Greg and Natalie Moore

Dear Richard and Tammy, The experience was many times more then we expected. We were thinking a guided experience might feel a bit lame, but not at all. You read our experience and gave us one hell of a run. Great terrain great views, the best part of our Montana trip! Thank you very much for the experience, my two daughters, ages 23, and 24 are still talking about it a week later. We will certainly be doing this again this coming winter.

Ed Revelli, Berkeley, CA

Quality machines, great scenery, diverse trails, quality conversation, very reasonable prices, friendly hosts, good lunch. I was the only person signed up to ride that day and they still took me out for a full day ride. I thoroughly recommend Montana ATV Adventures.

Bruce Simpson